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Dog Health Food
All Natural Dog Food
All Natural Dog Food
Adult Pets: 2% to 3% of total body weight daily.
Puppies up to 1 year, Pregnant and lacating bitches: 3% to 6% of total body weight daily.
Example based on 2% of body weight:
10-20 pound animal...
30-40 pound animal...
50-80 pound animal...
80-100 pound animal...
3-6 oz./day
approx. 10 oz./day
approx. 20 oz./day
approx. 40 oz./day


Keep frozen, remove wrapper and place in covered bowl or plastic container to thaw in your refrigerator. Once thawed, use within 5 days. Allow 20 minutes to be eaten; uneaten portions can be returned to the refrigerator for the next feeding, or discarded. Raw meat will spoil if left unrefrigerated for extended periods of time. Wash and disinfect working surfaces, utensils, bowls and hands after touching meat or poultry.


The following is meant as a useful guide in answering many of the more commonly asked questions concerning feeding a healthy diet to your companion animals and using HPP products. HPP has developed a recommended diet plan over years of working with many animals under many different conditions. We have found our recommended diet plan to be best suited for most animals in achieving optimum health.
Deciding on a base diet.
We recommend a base diet of a blend of organs, bone and muscle of a ruminating animal for almost all carnivores.  Our preference is beef.  The reason for favoring beef is that it more closely represents their natural diet of rodents, rabbits,  sheep, deer, goat, (mostly land grazing mammals), than any other meat. Our HPP "Beef Complete" was designed for this purpose.
Deciding on our Stix or 5 pound rolls.
The Stix are more easily handled particularly when your feeding either small animals or a small number of animals. Each Stix is 2 ounces of meat so it is very easy to portion out. It is also easy to thaw any number of Stix in the refrigerator. The 5 pound economy rolls are for larger animals or a larger number of animals. If your using more than a pound or two of food at each feeding, the 5 pound rolls are practical and more cost effective.
Thawing and Handling
Once your food arrives, place the majority of the food in the freezer and remove the plastic wrapper from one roll or remove Stix from a bag and place about 3 to 5 days worth in a covered bowl in the refrigerator. What ever you place in the refrigerator to fully thaw must be used within 5 days after thawing completely. If you have purchased the rolls and wish to thaw less than the 5 pounds, simply place a 5 pound roll in the refrigerator for one day, it takes two days to fully thaw a 5 pound roll, after one day you can easily slice through it and place any amount back in the refrigerator and the rest back in the freezer to thaw at a later date. The portion you place back in the refrigerator will be fully thawed and ready to use after the second day in the refrigerator. Some people slice the 5 pound rolls in half and place half back in the freezer, or in quarters and some people make 10 slices representing 10 cups of food, the 5 pound roll is equal to 10 cups. The Stix will fully thaw after one day in the refrigerator.
Weaning and Beginning Raw Feeding. Once thawed begin weaning your animal into our diet by offering the same volume of food that the animal has been eating by mixing one-third HPP meat diet and two-thirds of the animals old diet for three days. After three days increase the HPP meat to two-thirds and one-third old diet for an additional three days. Then go to all HPP meat. If you feel the stools are a little to loose at any time, you can add a small amount of dry food or rice to the next meal and then continue where you left off for the following meal. Keep in mind that a healthy stool is not rock hard. A healthy stool actually fluctuates from firm to soft and then back to firm again over a period of ten days to two weeks.
HPP complete blends are designed to offer superior health even if it is the only food being offered.   However, it is beneficial to add additional Omega 3 by using a high quality salmon oil. HPP offers a very high quality cold pressed wild salmon oil. We recommend adding one serving of salmon oil every day for the first two weeks, then reducing it to 3 to 5 days per week.
Detoxification and Normalization.
Continue feeding ONLY the base diet of HPP "Beef Complete" beef blend and salmon oil for several weeks. If your animal was on a dry diet continue for a full thirty days, if your animal had been eating a full or partially raw diet or meat diet, continue with this phase for about three weeks. Do not feed ANYTHING else, not even a cookie. You can offer our HPP "Beef Complete" Freeze Dried as a treat or cookie as it is the same product as the frozen diet they are currently eating. We want the animal to detoxify, whatever food is not being consumed will flush over time. After a couple of weeks have passed and detoxification has occurred, the system will begin to normalize. Everything will begin to work better.
Building the Diet.
After going through this first phase of detoxification and normalization you begin to decrease the volume of food being offered by 10%. Begin to watch your animals body weight. You should maintain a layer of fat over the ribs, but when you look down at your animal you should also be able to see a waist. You will need to increase or decrease the amount of food being offered each day according to your animals body weight. At this time we also recommend introducing an additional source of protein on the same day each week. As an example a good second source to add would be a fowl. Perhaps on Thursday only a fowl is offered for mealtime, no beef on this day. We offer our HPP Chicken Complete or HPP Ducknecks on our fowl day. Chicken parts or turkey is fine as well. You can offer a ground chicken or turkey or duck blend, or chicken wings, quarters, or backs, depending on the size dog and what size bones they can easily chew. You can consult with your HPP representative on exactly what fowl parts would be the appropriate size for your animal. Feed only fowl on Thursdays for the next four weeks.
Continuing to Build the Diet After four weeks of feeding fowl on Thursday, begin to offer another source of protein two days later or before so that your always coming back to the base diet of beef between other protein sources. As example begin feeding fish on Tuesdays. Continue feeding fowl on Thursday and now feed fish every Tuesday. Also continuing adding salmon oil a few days per week. Now your feeding fish every Tuesday and fowl every Thursday. After another four weeks of this you are considered to be on a "Full" raw diet. You can stay with the two days other than beef, or you can introduce a third day that you can change each week. We call this third day our "Exotic Day" which might be either more fish or fowl, or, something different, lamb, pork, green tripe, or any other good protein source. You can now also alter the days they are offered the different protein sources. It is not essential to stick to only certain things on certain days and you can mix thing up as much as you care to. You might feed fowl or fish on more than just one day per week. We do recommend that you always keep beef as the main diet at least two to four days per week. We like to add an alternate source of protein three to five days per week with beef being the diet all other days.
You may also add egg, cottage cheese or yogurt on occasion, but we do not recommend any dairy very often and even just a couple of times per month is fine. Keep in mind that we do have a small amount of fresh whole eggs in our HPP "Beef Complete." We do recommend that you feed only frozen products. When foods are canned, the canning process increases the temperature of the contents of the can to levels that destroy any live enzymes or other nutrients. As an example, canned fish has most of the Omega 3 & 6 (the reason we feed fish to begin with is for the Omega 3 & 6) destroyed by the heat while canning, so it's of little nutritional value. We also do not recommend adding any supplements as this diet is providing all of the nutritional needs the animals have and we do not want to over do things. If you have any questions concerning our recommended HPP diet, please consult one of our representatives. We have found and you should expect to see health improvements in many ways. This diet continues to prove effective in providing optimum health for almost every carnivore fed this way. By using this diet we have seen many health issues improve, obesity, dry skin, itching, metabolic problems, digestive issues, cysts, hot spots and lethargy, many animals with allergies have become allergy free and animals with a wide variety of even more serious health issues have also increased their quality of life through diet. Our diet is one part of a good health regimen and is recommended along with clean fresh water, good exercise and proper veterinarian care.
We also suggest considering a more chemical free life for our companion animals. Consider a healthy but not abusive vaccination regimen and consider the necessity for flea and tick repellents used systemically, they are not always necessary. Examine and determine the usage of chemicals in both yard and home, insecticides, fertilizers, weed killers, cleaning chemicals and synthetic carpets and fabrics can all be considered potential health hazards. The less chemicals your companion animals have to tolerate the healthier they will be. If you have any questions or need additional information concerning your healthy pet diet, please contact one of our HPP representatives.

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