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Treats,Bones And Chews
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Treats,Bones And Chews


We believe in offering a wide variety of healthy treats, bones and chews to our companion animals. All of our treats, bones and chews are high quality products, mostly dissolvable body parts with no chemicals used to clean or preserve. We also do not offer products with additives for flavor, extenders, sodium, rawhide, nylon bones or any unhealthy ingredients. Our bones are made from USDA products, no chemicals used, and slow roasted for extended Treats,Bones And Chewsperiods of time to cure only the outside of the bone to a depth of 1/8 to 1/4 inch. Once the animal eats past this cured outer layer, they are basically eating a raw bone. This aids in available nutrition, and bones not fully cooked are less likely to have large pieces break off that can choke or hurt the animal if ingested.
Healthy Pet Products and HPP distributors offer a large selection of beef shin bones, knuckle bones, knee bones, neck bones, rib bones, pork bones, lamb bones, pig ears, cow ears, lamb ears, trachea, pork hearts, bully sticks, beef lung, salmon treats and much more. Ask your nearest dealer/distributor about treats, bones and chews.

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