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Utilizing its vast experience of over thirty years the company of Healthy Pet Diet promotes dog food products that are wholesomely nutritious. All dogs will benefit enormously from the more correct raw feeding supplied by Healthy Pet Diet. The best possible health for a dog can only be gained by feeding it the best nutritious diet. Having access to the best nutritious possible pets will have more energy, live longer experiencing a better quality of life and will display an attractive healthy condition.

Nature has dictated that dogs should be meat eaters and the focus of Healthy Pet Diet is that its dog food products should be the duplication of a completely natural diet for the carnivorous animal. The feeding of only dry food to dogs has always been convenient but this food is grain-based which means it contains a high carbohydrate count. Dry food is also baked at temperatures which eliminate live enzymes leaving very little or no nutritious value at all. Live enzymes are essential as they are responsible for each and every premeditated or reflexive action of a body. An abundant source of live enzymes is to be found in fresh raw meat. Dogs need meat to sustain a vigorous and healthy existence and an exceptionally healthy appearance. Dog food products from Healthy Pet Diet will supply all a dog needs for a contented life.

Healthy Pet Diet’s complete beef blends contain in the correct ration ground bone, muscle meat, vegetables and fruit. The dog food products also include the protein, fats, fiber, vitamins, amino acids, Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, probiotics, prebiotics and full spectrum enzymes.The evident consequence of this complete blending is a first class and highly nutritious diet. With the exception of dogs with specific health problems such as life style and old age, no other supplements are required. A dog will absolutely thrive on a diet that more closely mirrors its natural diet. The raw meat dog food products from Healthy Pet Diet should be kept frozen. An amount for three to five days should be placed in a covered container in the refrigerator and left to thaw completely.

Salmon oil is not regarded as a supplement but an enhancement of the natural diet as it contains a highly concentrated amount of unsaturated Omega 3 and 6 acids which are necessary for boosting and strengthening the immune system. Among the dog food products of Healthy Pet Diet the cold-pressed Kronch wild salmon oil is supplied to be added to the complete blends at a rate of one serving daily for the first two weeks and thereafter three to five days a week. This will aid the detoxification process when changing the dogs’ current diet to the more natural dog food products of Healthy Pet Diet. The signs of a deficiency in a diet of the essential fatty acids are the constant scratching indicating an itchy skin, obesity, cysts, lethargy and the experiencing of digestive problems. To complete the catering to a healthy lifestyle for dogs the owners should always provide clean drinking water and plenty of exercise and fun.


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