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Giving dogs a dry food diet has always been considered to be a convenient method of feeding and it was thought that because dry foods were well balanced it was in the best interests of the animal to present this food with no wet food supplement. The promotors of Healthy Pet Diet point out that as dry food is a grain-based food it is in fact very high in carbohydrates. The preparation of dry food requires a high baking temperature which kills off the live enzymes leaving little nutritional value for the animal. Live enzymes are a vital part of a dog's diet for they are responsible for each single action of the body whether it is a blink of the eye or a twitch of the ear. An abundance of live enzymes is present in the raw meat diet dog food on offer from Healthy Pet Diet. BARF is an ideal diet for dogs as they are are carnivores and need raw meat for a continued healthy, long and active life.

Healthy Pet Diet's beef blends contain the correct ratio of ground bone, muscle meat, vegetables and fruit. The diet dog food also contains protein fats, fiber, vitamins, amino acids, Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, probiotics and prebiotics and full spectrum enzymes. The result of this combination is a highly nutritious and healthy diet dog food. With the exception of some dogs with specific problems no other supplements are required. Dogs will thrive on the diet dog food feeding program that closely mirrors its natural diet. The diet dog food from Healthy Pet Diet should be kept frozen but correct amounts of the food can be taken out in advance for three to five days of feeding, placed in a covered container and left in the refrigerator to thaw thoroughly before use.

Healthy Pet Diet stocks cold-pressed Kronch wild salmon oil which should be added to the diet dog food at a rate of one serving daily for the first two weeks and for three to five days weekly thereafter. Salmon oil is not considered to be a supplement but an enhancement of a natural diet dog food program. It is rich in the Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids essential for the boosting of the immune system. Healthy Pet Diet recommends Beef Complete diet dog food as the main daily feeding but also offers Chicken Complete and Ducksnecks as a once a week treat.There is a small amount of egg in the Beef Complete. Receiving annual shots, getting daily exercise and playtime and sticking to a diet dog food regime will ensure a contented healthy dog.



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