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Bones and Raw Food

Have you ever heard of the bones and raw food diet for pets? We stock biologically appropriate, raw food to keep your dogs and cats healthy and strong for much longer. Our number one priority is to bring you the best, wholesome and nutritious food for your animals. We have more than thirty years of experience in this field and we know exactly what is best for your pets. Your pets will reap so many benefits when you feed them well, and here, at Healthy Pet Diet, we have just the answer.

Healthy Pet Diet has done extensive research in order to duplicate the natural diet of dogs and cats. Dogs and cats are primarily carnivores and, thus, are used to instinctively living on bones and raw food, like raw meat. The dry foods are far from the natural diets of pets. These dry pellets contain a lot of carbohydrates and are normally grain-based. They are also baked at high temperatures, which destroy the live enzymes, leaving the pellets with little or no nutrition. How can this be healthy for your pets?

The enzymes that are destroyed through the high temperature of the pellets are very important for the pets. These enzymes assist in anything from blinking to liver functioning. Raw meat contains a lot of enzymes and pets are meant to eat raw meat. This is exactly why Healthy Pet Diet has now developed the bones and raw food pet diet. Dogs and cats are carnivores – they need and want raw meat. Pellets are dry, non-appetizing and really not healthy for your pets. Put them on the food they are instinctively meant to eat.

Healthy Pet Products has now created the perfect food for your pets. It is called Complete Blends. Complete Blends is a combination of bones and raw food, which includes organ meats, ground bone, muscle meat, vegetables, as well as fruit supplies. This food is blended in the best, tested ratios to keep your pets strong and healthy for a very long time. This well-balanced pet diet of protein, fat, fiber, moisture, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and so much more is sure to keep your pets in the best possible condition.

This remarkable bones and raw food pet diet gives your pets such a good balance of all things healthy that you no longer need to feed your pets supplements. With Complete Blends your pets get everything they need to be healthy and strong. This food has been referred to as B.A.R.F, which is Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. To many, it might sound distasteful, but for your pets, it is the healthiest, possible solution to getting them naturally healthy, happy, and strong.

So, if you are interested in Complete Blends, the new, remarkable bones and raw food diet for pets, contact Healthy Pet Products and see for yourself just how your pets will enjoy this blend. There are no other products as healthy for your pets as our remarkable Complete Blends.


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