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Health Dog Food

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

Three decades of research and experience have gone into the Healthy Pet Diet that has proven to offer immense benefits to the health and overall well-being of pets. The healthy pet diet is a biologically developed, appropriate, raw pet food that has been scientifically developed and is an exact match of the natural diet for both cats and dogs. Primarily, dogs and cats are carnivores, and as such, require raw meat for optimal health. In the case of dry and synthetically produced pet food, the main ingredient is grain, which is high in carbohydrates and often has little resemblance to the original and intended pet diet. For this reason, the Healthy Pet Diet developed a natural and organic range of pet food that is biologically appropriate, raw food, or BARF. The biologically appropriate, raw food is rich in Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids and offers pets an ideal balance of vegetables and meat that delivers a full-course of natural and nutrient-rich feed to allow the health of your pets to be optimal.

When pets are offered good, wholesome, and natural feed, their overall health and appearance is enhanced and they are able to enjoy good health and longevity. Since store-bought and synthetically produced dry food lacks the natural ingredients that are utilized in the Healthy Pet Diet’s range of dog and cat food, pets are unable to gain nutritional value from their feed. The biologically appropriate, raw food that goes into the Healthy Pet Diet is rich in fat, fiber, moisture, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, and prebiotics, as well as a full spectrum of enzymes, which are able to provide a high-quality and natural feed. As opposed to dry food, which is lacking in live enzymes that are lost during the high-temperature baking of dry food, biologically appropriate, raw food is a rich source of live enzymes, which are responsible for the metabolic functioning of your pet, and include functions as vital as liver and kidney functions, to simple, yet important, functions, such as blinking. The best and richest source of live enzymes is raw meat and this is a fundamental ingredient in the biologically appropriate, raw food produced by Healthy Pet Diet.

If dogs had the ability to talk, they would much rather select their natural diet, and since dogs and cats are carnivores, their diets would replicate their ancestor’s diets, which consisted of small animals and rodents, such as rabbits, lizards, birds, and even sheep and deer. With the introduction of biologically appropriate, raw food, domesticated pets are able to enjoy food that is closely linked to their desire and has the ability to provide them with a carnivore-rich feed that is healthy and balanced and is able to offer wholesome, nutritional, and enzyme-rich food that is designed to maintain and sustain optimal health and longevity in both cats and dogs. View our biologically appropriate, raw food range via our website,, and find out how good health for pets can be achieved by introducing our range of biologically appropriate, raw food to your pet’s mealtimes.


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