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Best Healthy Dog Food

As a dog owner and lover, you want to give your pet the very best, healthy dog food on the market! For over three decades, Healthy Pet Products has studied and researched the benefits of offering pet owners access to superior nutrition and pet food that improves health and allows pets to enjoy a better, rich, healthy quality of life. The best, healthy dog food available is a food that duplicates the natural diet of a dog. Dogs and cats are carnivores; therefore, raw, fresh meat should form the lion’s share of their diet. However, dry, convenience food contains a high content of grain, and since the dry food pellets are backed at high temperatures, these pellets lose their live enzymes; therefore, very little good, whole nutrition remains in the finished product. It is for reasons such as these that Healthy Pet Products has created a complete range of products that is the closest match to a natural diet, which is rich in nutrients and offers the best, healthy dog food on the market, ensuring that your best friend remains in top form, feels good, and thrives – enjoying good health and longevity.

The live enzymes that are lost in the baking process of the dry, dog food pellets are responsible for a number of metabolic functions and reactions that occur in the dog’s body. These include simple functions, such as blinking, to greater functions, such as liver function. A rich form of live enzymes is fresh, raw meat, and since dogs are carnivores, they require fresh, raw meat to form the basis of their daily diet. The best, health dog food has been developed by Healthy Pet Diet that is a close to a dog’s natural diet as possible. Predecessors of domesticated dogs ate rabbits, birds, and deer and in creating the best, healthy dog food, Healthy Pet Diet took this into account and created a dog food that was as close to the natural, age-old diet of dogs. Combining blended organ meats, ground bones, muscle meat, vegetables, and fruit, a dog food was created that is rich in fiber, moisture, vitamins, and minerals, and offers the right balance of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, including probiotics and prebiotics.

The results of the best, healthy dog food created by Healthy Pet Diet have been remarkable. Dogs have flourished on the diet, and metabolic functions, including liver function, have been enhanced. Generally, dogs have enjoyed energy surges and overall well-being. Throughout thirty years of research, the best, most healthy dog food range was developed to provide pet owners with the assurance that they are offering their beloved pets with natural and well-researched dog food that enhances and promotes health and overall well being. View our website, , and learn more how the best, healthy dog food can give your dog good health and longevity, as well as the BARF eating plan or raw feeding eating plan that is in line with the natural diet of canines.


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