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Healthy Pet Diet has been promoting the healthy lifestyle of perfectly balanced and nutritious feeding of dogs for over thirty years. All dogs will benefit from the more correct raw feeding diet supplied by Healthy Pet Diet. The diet plan, sometimes referred to simply as BARF, which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw Food, more closely follows the feeding of carnivorous animals over centuries. It is the diet that a dog’s ancestors adhered to when living in the wild and it kept them healthy, nourished, and active.

It has always been convenient to feed dogs a dry food diet and the thinking was that as the best dry food products were well-balanced it was in the animal’s best interest to give this food with no wet food supplement. The promoters of BARF at Healthy Pet Diet indicate that a dry food diet is grain-based and is, therefore, high in carbohydrates. The preparation of dry food requires a very high baking temperature, which kills off the live enzymes, leaving little or no nutrition value for the animal. Live enzymes are an essential part of an animal’s diet, as they are responsible for every single action of the body, from a blink to an ear pricking. An abundant supply of live enzymes is to be found in raw meat. BARF is the ideal diet for dogs, which are carnivorous animals that need raw meat for a healthy, long, and active life.

Healthy Pet Diet’s beef blends contain the correct ratios of ground bone, muscle meat, vegetables, and fruit. BARF also contains protein fats, fiber, vitamins, amino acids, Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, probiotic and prebiotics, and the full spectrum enzymes. The result of this complete combination is a highly nutritious and healthy diet. With the exception of some dogs with specific problems, such as old age and life-style, no other supplements are required. Dogs will flourish on BARF, a feeding program which more closely mirrors its natural diet. BARF products should be kept frozen. The correct amount of food for meals to last for three to five days should be taken out in advance, placed in a covered container and leave in the refrigerator to thoroughly thaw before using.

Healthy Pet Diet stocks supplies of cold-pressed Kronch wild salmon oil, which should be added to a dog’s feed at a ratio of one serving daily for the first two weeks and for three to five days a week thereafter. Salmon oil is not regarded as a supplement, but an enhancement to the natural BARF diet. It is rich in Omega 3 and 5 essential fatty acids, which are necessary for boosting and strengthening the immune system. Healthy Pet Diet recommends that the Beef Complete BARF feeding should be the main and consistent daily feed for dogs, but you can also offer the Chicken Complete and the Ducksnecks, which can be given to animals once a week. There is a small amount of egg in the BARF Beef Complete. Healthy Pet Diet’s BARF feeding and daily fresh water is all that is required to feed a dog to keep it healthy, shiny-coated, and contented. Daily exercise and playtime with the dog gives the owner all the joyous reward reaped from a healthy diet for a beloved pet.


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